Thursday, April 25, 2019

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It's not just millennials who have socially responsible investing in their game plan: Study

Millennials have a certain reputation for being the most interested in investments that also do good for the world. But sustainable investing is really of interest to all investors across all age groups, according to new research from Morningstar. The investment research firm found that a majority of the U.S. population — 72% — is […]

In ironic twist, Mother Earth should thank the 'Trump effect' for the rise in impact investing

Donald Trump’s surprising ascent to president of the United States has brought many unexpected effects to the financial markets. Ironically, one has been a rapid increase in interest and adoption of impact investing and other types of values-based investing. Impact investing, or values-based investing, is a type of investing that helps people and/or organizations align […]

This homeowner avoided 'energy-guzzlers' for more efficient options and it's paying off

“It actually generates more electricity, more energy overall, than it uses,” Sullivan said. “And it charges our electric car.” And that’s quite an accomplishment. Saving energy isn’t just good for the planet, it’s good for your wallet, as well. But energy guzzlers, such as the cooling and heating systems in your home, can costs hundreds […]