Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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In a search for fixed income, advisors look beyond mainstream bond funds

In the search for fixed income, financial advisors are looking beyond bonds to alternatives — from the commonplace to the more arcane. Some view certificates of deposit as an alternative to individual bonds in the current environment. “If I don’t want to outguess the direction of rates, the CD option gives me a very low […]

Are you seeking top-rated responsible investing funds? There's a rating for that

If you want to see how the funds you’re invested in fare when it comes to environmental, social and governance factors, there’s a rating for that. The Morningstar Sustainability Rating measures how well an investment fund’s holdings stack up on ESG issues compared to its peers. The measurement is put together using the thousands of […]

Here are some quirky tax deductions you may not know about

If you are looking for a way to lower your taxes and have already worked your way through well-known deductions such as child-care expenses and property taxes, it may pay to think outside the box. There are some write-offs you may not have known about, and those could apply to your situation. That could come […]