Alia Bhatt interested in Raazi sequel – After Calling Sehmat, writer Harinder Sikka takes the story ahead with Remembering Sehmat



Well, last year, Alia Bhatt set a new trend of female protagonists by carrying the success of Raazi which was a film riding on her shoulders. The actress earned rave reviews for her role of a spy and now we hear that a sequel is being planned! Many who may have watched the film or read the book would be aware that a second instalment of Sehmat returning to the world of spying may not really justify the climax of Calling Sehmat aka Raazi. However, it seems that the second instalment will trace her journey once she returns of India and it will be called Remembering Sehmat.

Author Harinder Sikka, who has already started working on the sequel novel, has asserted in reports that whatever meeting he has done with the Kashmiri girl, on whom the novel is based on, he does enough content to write another book on her journey. Some readers would be aware that the Calling Sehmat is actually based on true incidents and real life story of a Kashmiri spy [but of a different name]. Remembering Sehmat, however, will not be linked to spying.

In fact, the sequel will be set against the backdrop of exploring Sehmat’s personal life. The author stated that after returning to India, Sehmat’s character will go into depression owing to everything that happened around her. Her struggles, how she refused to accept her own son and how she stayed aloof from public life, will be the some aspects that the sequel novel is expected to highlight.

On the other hand, Sikka also revealed that he has already spoken to Alia Bhatt for continuing with the role of Sehmat and the actress has reportedly also expressed keen interest in the same. As for the book Remembering Sehmat, we hear that the book will be published by the end of this year.

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