EU’s Malmstrom hopes European Union will approve draft Brexit deal 


European Union Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom told CNBC on Wednesday she hopes that EU member states will support the new draft Brexit deal that U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May secured among her senior ministers.

More than two years after Britain voted in a referendum to leave the EU, May told reporters late Wednesday in London she had won over her divided cabinet.

“We are very sad that the Brits are leaving us,” Malmstrom said in a “Closing Bell” interview. “If [May] got the government in the U.K. with her, that’s certainly a positive development.”

Asked if the EU would approve such a measure, Malmstrom said, “I certainly hope so.”

Malmstrom said the EU welcomes a final Brexit agreement as soon as possible, so that both sides can then “start to think about the life after and our future relations.”

“When the U.K. is leaving the European Union, they will have to leave all the trade agreements, that exist currently, and negotiate with new partners,” Malmstrom said.

May hopes the draft deal, which was reached after a five-hour meeting, will satisfy both Brexit voters and EU supporters by ensuring close ties with the trading bloc after Britain leaves.

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