Google Reportedly Testing System Update Rollout via Play Store


Select Google Pixel owners are seeing the new update implementation

Google has reportedly started testing Android system update rollouts via Google Play Store. The company seems to be automatically downloading the software updates for some Android Q beta users via the Play Store, which doesn’t require any action from the users’ side. The first evidence of Google’s plan to use Play Store for system update was seen in the Google for Android app last week. The search giant is yet to officially say anything about the change.

According to a report in Android Police, several Reddit users are saying that they are seeing a new update implementation that is similar to how apps are updated via the Play Store. The phone just shows a notification with Google System Update title and once the update is finished, the phone restarts automatically.

The software update, which carries the build number QPP2.190228.023, was rolled out via the regular update mechanism for most Pixel users on Android Q beta, whereas some users received it via the new Play Store route, indicating that Google is trying to get its feet wet before a wider availability.

Without official details, it is still unclear how the update process exactly works but hopefully Google will detail it with the future Android Q beta releases when the feature is expanded to more users or at Google I/O where the company will detail Android Q before the official launch later this year.

To recall, all Android phones have traditionally housed the system update function in the Settings app. This is the first time Google seems to be planning to change that behaviour.



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